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JINFUYU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has granted ISO certified (ISO 9001:2000) since 2001. All JINFUYU products have conformed to EN149:2001+A1:2009 (notified by BSI - CE 0086), AS/NZS 1716:2012 (certified by Benchmark, Australia) or NIOSH 42CFR84 (approved by NIOSH/CDC in U.S.A.) to guarantee your safety by using our respirators as Personal Protective Equipment to your breathing systems. Human life protection is our main concern when produce a respirator. And our strictly tests and inspections at different production stages including raw materials test, half-finished masks test and finished masks test will ensure our products to achieve this goal.

Quality Assurance

JINFUYU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has four promises of quality insistence, customers satisfaction, new technical development and quick response are our key attitudes that JINFUYU brings to all our clients. We will continue to focus on this and try our best to satisfy each client's demand through our dynamic customers support team.

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